Strategic Media Coverages
Media Outreach

Media coverages thrive on qualitative impact. Understanding the characteristics of the media, crafting story angles, and selecting avenues that can reach the target audience are all pivotal. Furthermore, our team possesses strong contacts within key media outlets, enabling us to strategically and effectively secure media exposure for each project. It is not uncommon for clients to face challenges such as lack of news, new products, or interesting content, making it difficult to issue press releases. At Integrate Communications, we propose the creation of news angles that don’t solely rely on the “new” factor and develop press releases accordingly. We meticulously select target media outlets from our proprietary media list for press release distribution, tailoring effective dissemination to each outlet. We provide end-to-end media follow-up, from acquiring interviews to monitoring results. Our media coverage spans digital, print, and broadcast platforms, and we can even facilitate press release distribution and coverage acquisition for international audiences.