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A specialist who covers it all.

Integrate Communications provides full service of PR, established in 1998, specializing in brand strategy, media relations, influencer marketing, events and seminars, media training, digital marketing, creative production, and crisis management.

We are not ordinal PR agency focused on media relations Instead, we approach marketing communication as a whole, based on marketing strategy. Our mission is to enhance the value of our clients' businesses, strengthen their corporate capabilities, and build strong relationships between companies/brands and society/consumers.
In line with the changing times, the field of PR has evolved to adapt to the evolving needs of the era. We have expanded our scope flexibly and comprehensively, and the role, definition, methods, and importance of PR agencies have also evolved over time.

Integrate Communications integrates society and clients, offering a one-stop solution for the necessary marketing communication services, and supporting clients in their business endeavors.
Our clients position us as their external partner for marketing communication professionals. We engage in information sharing, mutual understanding, and have built strong, long-lasting trust relationships over the years.
We always aim to be a group that is flexible, creative, and strategic in thinking, with a passion for attention to detail.
Integrate Communications has bilingual staff and maintains a global PR network, enabling us to carry out PR activities both domestically and internationally in English.

What we do

Integrate Communications handles all aspects of PR, including corporate and product branding, marketing strategy development, communication plan creation, media exposure, events and seminars, digital and social media marketing, influencer marketing, media training, crisis management, web development, photography, and more.

We specialize primarily in B2B public relations, lifestyle and hospitality PR, foreign food industry PR, and education and university public relations.

Why us

Integrate Communications strategically considers what is essential for brands, possessing deep insights and planning capabilities, and then puts these into action. Storytelling is paramount in PR. To create compelling stories, we use various techniques such as research, promotions, engaging key opinion leaders (KOLs), and organizing events to communicate and deliver results.

Integrate Communications believes that the effective utilization of social media and digital marketing should vary depending on trends, targets, culture, and objectives.We will propose the most suitable strategies for owned media, earned media, paid media, SEO optimization, and the client's target audience.

Each member of our staff possesses strong relationships with the media, strategic thinking, expertise in their respective fields, and a high level of skill and creative perspective to support client businesses.
Integrate Communications is the only agency in Japan that has been a member of PRGN, the world's largest PR agency network. All member agencies are independent and are very skillful. We work together for global clients.

Despite being present in 56 cities, the friendly atmosphere at Integrate Communications fosters the exchange of the latest information among PR professionals worldwide, updates on real-time media situations, idea sharing, and case advice, all facilitated through a flexible network.
Many instances involve multiple members collaborating to successfully execute international projects, and we welcome inquiries for projects both domestic and international.

Integrate Communications fosters a corporate culture where age, whether someone has children or not, or the number of years of industry experience do not limit individuals. We value a diverse range of interests and a strong desire to challenge and explore new things. Above all, our team members approach projects with a deep personal interest, giving their utmost dedication.

Integrate Communications places a high value on flexible thinking, out-of-the-box creativity, humility, a sense of urgency, hands-on approach, quality, and a relentless spirit of continuous challenge. If you resonate with these values, we welcome you to join our team.

Company Name Integrate Communications Co., Ltd.
Address 6th F, Sakurai Building, 5-11-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan
President & CEO Kenichiro Abe
Phone Number +81(3) 5464-2046
FAX +81(3) 5464-2076
mail info@integrate-com.co.jp
Other ・Member of Public Relations Society of Japan
・Member of The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Member of Azabu Hojinkai
・PRGN(Public Relations Global Network)
An Award winning agency

About PRGN

PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) is one of the world’s leading global PR associations, with a network of 56 local PR networks.
PRGN (Public Relations Global Network) is a network of 56 carefully selected independent PR agencies that provide services in major cities worldwide.PRGN member agencies are boutigue type of agencies and excel as leaders in their respective markets, not only with local PR businesses but also in providing services on a global scale.Despite being a large network, PRGN maintains a friendly and cooperative atmosphere, akin to a family.
All members regularly share information and knowledge at the highest level of PR expertise, enhancing their specialization and providing valuable support to clients.
Several members collaborate on global projects, and there is active cooperation among members on client projects. PRGN operates not just as an association but as a dynamic presence across all five continents.The fundamental structure is a one-agency-per-country system (excluding the United States and Germany), and Integrate Communications joined PRGN in 2010, serving as the Japan representative agency. We provide one-stop assistance for PR activities in markets worldwide.
PRGN’s popular PR blog features cutting-edge and advanced PR articles authored by PR professionals taking turns in their respective areas of expertise. There are also plenty of opportunities for global recruitment and internships within PRGN.


A1 PRは継続することで効果を倍増します。また、PR代理店は広報業務を代理するため、通常は6ヵ月以上のリテイナー契約をお願いしています。クライアントのビジネスを理解し、広報アドバイス、メディアリレーション、コンサルティングを基本に、クライアントとの緊密な連携で業務を遂行していきます。

A2 案件の大きさなどにもより、担当するチーム編成が異なります。PRフィーは人件費ですので、人数や担当する人のレベル、かける時間によって異なります。詳しくはご要望をお聞きし、ご提案とお見積りをご用意します。

A3 はい、お承りしています。メディアトレーニング、プレスリリース配信とクリッピングといったシンプルなサービスは可能です。また、新製品発表会、ホテルやお店のオープニング、メディアイベントなどは1~3ヵ月といった期間でお受けするケースが多いです。

A4 はい、もちろんです。特にデジタルの場合には有効な広告出稿をご提案することもあります。また、露出を確約するペイド(タイアップやアドバトリアル)などを戦略的にご提案する場合もあります。

A5 まずはご相談ください。PRの領域は現代社会において幅広くかつ進化しています。こういったことは可能ですか、とおたずねいただき、NOではないお答えをしたいと思います。

A6 はい、もちろんです。インフルエンサー、KOLのご提案からコンテンツ制作、SNSの運用などメディア以外でのPRも多岐にわたり実績があります。ニッチなB2B案件でもインフルエンサーをつかったSNSマーケティングで成功例があります。