Sustainability is a global theme.Furthermore, sustainability has now become the minimum commitment for corporate activities.However, many companies still limit their understanding of sustainability to numerical targets such as ESG and SDGs. While it is a rapidly growing field in terms of PR, it also presents frustrating aspects.At Integrate Communications, we believe in promoting the understanding that sustainability is relevant to all companies, nations, and societies. It is necessary to think collectively and engage in activities with society and the planet to address this matter.
Our global partners include experts in sustainability, ESG, and IR communications. With a wealth of experience, accomplishments, and a network of specialists, we offer comprehensive consulting across various dimensions.
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is the contribution that companies make to the society they belong to, representing their social responsibilities.Indeed, CSR should also be sustainable, and we, at our company, assist in the thought process of how businesses can, from a logical perspective, engage in activities and make contributions to the communities and societies that are their stakeholders. We also provide support in implementing these activities in practice.