PR planning
PR consulting

As a marketing plan, creating and executing a PR plan over the long term, medium term, and short term can lead to effective and visible results. PR cannot succeed without a well-defined strategy. It is important to develop a PR plan based on business strategy and corporate objectives, capturing stakeholders’ perspectives.Do not only fous on tactics.
PR, on the other hand, can sometimes encounter unforeseen scenarios that do not go as planned. This could arise due to changes in business strategy, requiring the swift development of communication strategies. At Integrate Communications, we not only understand the needs of our clients on a daily basis but also provide appropriate advice through insights into market trends and media interactions.
We provide a wide range of cases, from long-term consultations like branding to one-off situations such as press conferences.

Crises can arise suddenly. They may stem from societal circumstances, events, accidents, or incidents, with various underlying factors. Swiftly comprehending the situation, coordinating actions, and being fully prepared to provide support throughout the day, including urgent press conferences and manual creation, are crucial during crises.Moreover, we assist with pre-crisis media training, devising anticipated guidelines, and establishing hotlines. In times of crisis, we ensure that a comprehensive and well-prepared support system is in place as needed.

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