In order to effectively lead to acquiring new customers

Collaborating with the media is also an effective PR strategy.

In the case of experiential partnership pages, compared to regular image-based advertising, it is more effective to convert real experiences into articles, which can lead to better acquisition of new customers.

However, simply experiencing and turning it into an article is not a straightforward task.


At our company, to create more effective and high-quality articles, we analyze various aspects, such as the customer segments envisioned by the brand, the needs of the readership, and the characteristics of each media. We provide direction on everything from the content of the articles to the shooting angles.


Let me introduce an example involving our client, Club Med.

『Feel Hokkaido – Experiencing Hokkaido』

For the summer vacation theme ‘Club Med Hokkaido Tomamu,’ we arranged a wide range of experiential coverage, allowing guests to enjoy the magnificent nature of Hokkaido, enriched by its blessings, and indulge in activities and cuisine to the fullest.


We conducted a comprehensive series of tasks, including selecting media that aligned with the target audience, highlighting the appeal points of the experience, crafting the story, casting, coordinating the actual experiences, and directing the photography.

Especially in digital media, it’s fascinating because the results are clearly measurable through numbers, making it highly engaging.