The key to building a strong brand today and tomorrow.

It’s undeniable that companies and brands need to discover new value and evolve for the future market.
This is indeed a highly rewarding endeavor for companies to build trust with investors, customers, employees, and other key stakeholders, strengthening relationships in the process.

In this regard, companies and brands must recognize that they should not limit themselves to product announcements alone.
For example, a commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance ((ESG)) initiatives should be at the core of an organization, and leaders and team members should continuously engage in discussions and communicate these efforts to society.

As a result, consumers judge whether they can trust a brand or organization. It’s important that not only the responsible departments but everyone within the company or organization walks together with this sense of purpose.

For a company, if efforts in PR and communication are neglected, stakeholders may become less inclined to believe in the company or brand.
“To achieve the construction of a superior brand in the market, there are five important questions that need clear answers.

1.Why is this important to us?

Support to ensure that employees have a clear understanding of the company’s strategy.
Clear mission, vision, and values need to be explained in terms of why they are important and the expected behaviors that align with them.

2.Who are the stakeholders?

Clearly defining the target audience and stakeholders helps in better understanding what matters to them, particularly their expectations and current perceptions regarding the brand’s commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

3.Where do we (the company/brand) want to be?

For ESG goals to be meaningful, organizations need to clearly demonstrate their direction and outcomes.
Setting short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals establishes stages for planning what needs to be done.

4.How do we get there?

By establishing clear plans and processes to achieve these goals, the costs and efforts required for success also become evident.

5.What do we do to communicate?

To achieve the company’s goals, what employees are doing must be shared with stakeholders in order to succeed in the market.
We need to earn the trust of our stakeholders by consistently demonstrating what we are doing to keep our promises.

Sharing a common purpose increases engagement among employees and stakeholders.
A brand that consistently delivers on its promises and effectively shares its story with stakeholders will undoubtedly gain devoted fans.
These fans can also help by sharing the story with their friends and family.
Connecting this awareness is at the core of PR (Public Relations).