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“To establish societal recognition as a university that contributes to the future and to deploy strategic brand promotion.”


【Example from Ritsumeikan University】


Ritsumeikan University has approached us for strategic brand promotion consultation with the aim of rebranding itself as a choice for prospective students and their parents, against the backdrop of a significant decline in the population of 18-year-olds due to the declining birthrate. We have gone beyond the traditional framework of entrance exam promotion, such as advertising in education-related media and holding explanatory sessions. Instead, we have organized and examined what needs to be done to become a university of choice and are considering our PR strategy. To begin with, we focused on disseminating information not only through local media but also to media professionals in Tokyo in order to increase recognition and generate interest in Ritsumeikan University among students and parents nationwide. In addition to distributing press releases, we conducted regular media caravans where university PR representatives accompanied the visits. This helped us establish relationships with media professionals in Tokyo and secure regular exposure for the university. The information we disseminate takes into account societal trends in addition to the data gathered within the university, allowing us to craft compelling stories that capture the interest of the media.

Furthermore, we have conducted regular meetings, approximately once a month, to analyze media trends and exposure, enabling us to deliberate on future PR strategies. These routine meetings have played a vital role in supporting the achievement of our strategic brand promotion objectives, ensuring consistent and effective results.

Prior to launching our strategic brand promotion efforts, Ritsumeikan University had very limited recognition for its innovative initiatives, despite having a history of pioneering endeavors since its inception. To change this, we actively sought interviews and coverage opportunities with university officials, students, and other stakeholders, with the President taking the lead. By consistently showcasing our innovative initiatives in the media, we successfully established Ritsumeikan as an institution known for its forward-thinking approach. As a result, we have seen increased recognition and positive evaluations from prospective students, their parents, educators, and the wider community, especially in the context of the declining birthrate.


<Key Activities>

・Regular strategy meetings with the client.

・Creation and management of a strategic media list.

・Information gathering within the university and development of PR stories required for PR activities.

・Creation of materials for the press (newsletters, press releases).

・Journalist roundtable meetings (regularly held in Tokyo)

・Media caravan (regular visits to Tokyo media outlets together with the client)

・Interview solicitation activities

・Interview coordination

and more


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