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Branding and Promoting Wildlife Pests that Cause Significant Crop Damage as Premium Food Ingredients



【Example from Chiba Prefecture】


In Chiba Prefecture, crop damage caused by wild birds and animals has become increasingly severe year by year, and efforts such as extermination have been carried out. As an additional measure, Chiba Prefecture initiated the promotion of utilizing wild boars and deer, named ‘Boso Gibier,’ as premium food ingredients starting in 2017. To facilitate this, an open tender for the ‘Promotion and Contracting of ‘Boso Gibier’ Utilization through Restaurants’ was conducted. PR for municipalities and associations is not focused on promoting individual brands or products, so the primary goal is to engage in outreach and awareness campaigns.


To initially familiarize a wide audience with it, we conducted activities such as ‘Boso Gibier Awareness Surveys’ and ‘Training Workshops for Professional Cooks’ targeting individuals in the restaurant industry. These initiatives aimed to foster understanding and awareness among restaurant professionals. At the ‘Training Workshops for Professional Cooks,’ we invited French chefs, who are experts in game cuisine, and pioneering Japanese chefs in the field of game cuisine to serve as instructors. They provided demonstrations on the fundamental knowledge, cooking techniques, and creative menu ideas related to ‘Boso Gibier.’

As part of the promotion targeting general consumers, we organized the ‘Boso Gibier Fair’ in collaboration with restaurants both within and outside the prefecture. Integrated Communications served as the secretariat for this initiative, which featured limited-time menus incorporating ‘Boso Gibier.'” As part of the PR efforts for the ‘Boso Gibier Fair,’ we conducted a ‘Press Conference’ and ‘Influencer Event’ to further contribute to the branding of ‘Boso Gibier.



<Key Activities>

・Awareness survey among restaurants regarding ‘Boso Gibier

・Workshops for professional chefs in game cuisine

・Organizing the ‘Boso Gibier Fair’ and hosting a press release event

・房総ジビエフェア インフルエンサー向けメニューお披露目会


・PR activities

・Production of PR materials (posters, brochures, banners, promotional items, etc.)

・Creation of the ‘Boso Gibier Book



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