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To promote awareness and appeal of our new product ‘Honey Mustard,’ we organized an influencer event and a press event.



【Example from MAILLE】


We held a PR event for the new product ‘Honey Mustard’ from MAILLE, a prestigious French condiment manufacturer with over 270 years of history. The event targeted press professionals and influencers.

At the press event, held at the Bistro Viron in Marunouchi, we featured tastings of various dishes such as appetizers, main courses, desserts, and cocktails prepared using ‘Honey Mustard,’ with recipes developed by the chef. Additionally, cooking demonstrations were conducted. We also provided interactive programs for the press, including the opportunity to create cocktails using ‘Honey Mustard’ alongside a bartender. This participatory approach created a lively atmosphere and resulted in numerous media exposures.

Furthermore, we organized an event targeting influencers who share gourmet-related content on social media, aiming to facilitate information dissemination. This event took place in three parts at Le Cordon Bleu Japan, a renowned culinary school in France. It focused on cultivating professional chefs. The event began with a cooking demonstration and tasting led by a French chef, followed by participants trying their hand at cooking in the kitchen. Finally, attendees enjoyed the dishes they prepared themselves, along with menus featuring ‘Honey Mustard’ prepared by the chef.

We were delighted to see that the influencers thoroughly enjoyed the event, leading to successful dissemination on social media.



<Key Activities>

・Planning and conceptualizing the PR event

・Execution of the PR event

・Creation and distribution of event invitations

・Press invitation efforts

・Researching and negotiating with potential influencers.

・Exposure monitoring and clipping


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