Case Studies of Training

Training to understand media thinking and learn optimal responses to achieve better exposure.



【Example from KOEKISHA】


There are various types of PR training available, targeting individuals such as PR professionals, top management, key persons who may be interviewed in the field, and those with limited PR experience. Furthermore, the content of training varies, including lectures, simulated press conferences, workshop-style sessions, and role-playing exercises, among others.

At KOEKISHA, we conducted PR training sessions, including simulated press conferences for the president, lectures and simulated interviews for individuals who may be interviewed, and role-playing sessions designed for those with limited PR experience.

We conducted video recordings during simulated press conferences, mock interviews, and press discussions. Participants had the opportunity to review the replays on the spot, allowing them to learn from their performance and receive feedback on key points.

All participants in the PR training have been able to apply their skills effectively in real interviews, press events, and other related situations.



<Key Activities>

・Planning and conceptualizing PR training programs

・Execution of PR training programs

・PR training instructors

・Creation of training materials


■CAPABILITIES-PR / Media Training