Case Studies of Researches

Utilizing consumer awareness surveys and media trend research results to inform PR activities and aim for effective exposure.


【Example from KOEKISHA】


At KOEKISHA, we conduct an annual quantitative survey to understand changes in consumer awareness regarding end-of-life planning and funerals.新型コロナウイルス感染症の流行など終活、葬儀に大きな影響を及ぼす事象があった際にも定量調査を行い、消費者の動向を探ります。In addition to quantitative surveys, we have also conducted group interviews to delve deeper into the topics identified through the survey. “We compile these research findings into survey releases and distribute them to the media.”

We also conduct media trend research through activities such as interviews with press professionals and monitoring of articles. This helps us discern societal trends, press interests, and other relevant factors that inform our PR strategy.

Through these surveys, we have been able to promptly understand media interests. By conducting outreach activities supported by evidence from our research, we have achieved numerous media exposures.



<Key Activities>

・Research Design

・Data Collection, Compilation, and Analysis

・Developing PR stories based on research results

・Creating and distributing survey releases