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Development of ‘Boso Gibier’ as a Premium Food Brand, Branding Wild Boars and Deer, Which Cause Damage to Agricultural Products



【Example from Chiba Prefecture】


“Gibier,” which refers to the meat of wild birds and animals obtained through hunting, is often loved as a luxurious winter food in Europe. In Chiba Prefecture, wild boars and deer captured within the prefecture have been named ‘Boso Gibier,’ and efforts have been made to brand and promote them, encouraging many consumers to enjoy these meats. They have also developed products that can be easily enjoyed at home. The products were showcased at a supermarket trade show, receiving high praise from many attendees. They widely provided the recipes for the products to food processing manufacturers and others, contributing to the promotion and commercialization of ‘Boso Gibier’ products.



Number of Products: 3

Product Names Boso Gibier Jerky (Wild Boar, Deer)

Boso Gibier Chips BBQ Flavor (Wild Boar, Deer)

Boso Gibier Western-style Stew (Wild Boar, Deer)



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