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Promoting Chiba Yachimata peanuts to the younger generation and developing the product packaging for the new variety ‘Q Nuts’.



【Example from Chiba Prefecture】


Yachimata peanuts are well-known nationwide as a Chiba Prefecture product.However, the user demographic was predominantly older, and to further expand the market, efforts were made to create opportunities for the younger generation (ages 10-20) to purchase and consume the peanuts.

To achieve this, a packaging concept targeting the younger generation was developed, and market demand was researched. The research results and packaging concept were shared with wholesalers, manufacturers, and others both within and outside Chiba Prefecture, contributing to market revitalization.



・Number of Package Design Concepts: 6案

・Awareness Survey on Peanuts (Web Survey n=1000, Group Interviews)

・Face-to-Face Surveys at Retail Locations (Lala Port Toyosu, Tokyo Station, Ueno Station, Perie Chiba – 4 locations, 440 respondents)


■CAPABILITIES – Consulting

■BEST PRACTICE – Embassies,Overseas,Associations